About Us


Evan G, the radio persona of Prophetess Grace Smitherman, received her call to ministry during the year of 2006. She was licensed and ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the Kingdom Growth United Fellowship of Churches in the city of St. Rose, Louisiana in 2007 and 2008, respectively.    In 2004, Prophetess Smitherman began serving at First Bible Church of Christ under the tutelage of Apostle Edward L. Thomas.  Shortly thereafter she joined the ministerial staff as Assistant Minister and formed and started the Family of God Ministries with a focus on developing aid to children enjoined by KJUS978FM radio.

Additionally, She is a Life Coach Counselor focusing offering counseling in the solace of bereavement. She understands that aiding survivors in coping with deeply personal loss requires a haven of counseling which helps in the recovery and aids in reducing the pain of the loss of their loved ones.